Is My Boyfriend Lying Or Is This Just Dating Spam? We received an email that is concerned an audience. Inside it, she asks

We received a concerned e-mail from a reader. Inside it, she asks:

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“Can a person get communications in one among these mobile things that are dating somebody does not sign up/or leave that particular cell phone number? I’d one from which transfers in to a intercourse website (porn pictures, etc.) and I also do not have been using one among these within my life! My boyfriend, having said that, has in past times. I am afraid my boyfriend is lying in my experience.”

My very first effect would be to ask your reader to learn more to explain her situation. From the thing I can comprehend, each of them share a cell phone, and she actually is getting texting from a grown-up site that is dating asking her to join, sign up, or visit. I am responding to the concern using this assumption in your mind, although, We’ll cover one other possibility at the conclusion of this post.

Consequently, to resolve: that which you’ve gotten is many most likely spam. a fast seek out unearthed that they will have utilized a few Florida-based Bing Voice cell phone numbers to spam cell that is random aided by the message, “Hi we place a pic to my web web page on simply check in and look it out ;-)”.

Could this dating spam have actually result from your boyfriend’s previous adult dating internet site usage? It is possible, yet much more likely that your particular cell phone number got tossed into some database someplace (much like emailed dating that is internet).

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